Our Values

B – Better living. At Balance Bowl we believe food is our fuel.

A – Affordability.  We believe in quality for great value.

L – Locality. We support local businesses by sourcing our fresh produce from local farmer’s market.

A – Appreciation. We thrive on feedback from our guests, as feedback is what makes us better.

N – Nutrition. Our menu is nutritionally balanced.

C – Communication is a key value between us at Balance Bowl. Continuous education of our employees gives us the opportunity to grow professionally.

E – Earth. “Making a better place for you and for me”.

B – Be happy. We believe that our guests and employees deserve fun at Balance Bowl.

O – Originality. Our past experience makes our menu genuine and authentic.

W – Well-Being. We make sure we provide safe environment for our employees and guests.

L – Loyalty equals rewards.