Our Menu

We’ve got dishes so delicious, even carnivores might consider joining the green side!

Remember, our plant-based dishes are not just for rabbits—they’re for anyone looking to savour the freshest flavours nature has to offer. So, come on down and let our menu turn your taste buds into plant-loving party animals!

If you have allergies, require ingredient swaps, or have other special dietary requirements, please inform us as soon as you place your order. We are committed to accommodating your needs and will do everything we can to provide you with a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

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Ideal starter, lunch

or a little sharer

No Calamari Crunch

Made from Oyster Mushrooms & Garlic NO Mayo

| If you don’t like it Fishy tell us |

Bao Buns

Filled with Hoisin NO Duck & Asian style Salad

Chef’s soup

Served with toasted Ftira


Green Wakame Salad

Popping with Edamame & Mange Tout


Balance bowls

The Buddha

It’s a FEAST

Warm Coco Rice, Green goddess Salad, Hoisin NO Duck made from Jackfruit, BBQ Tofu with Balance Bowl’s Basil Pesto Dip

Icons_GFA HP


Giant Polish Potato CLASSIC!

Stuffed with Lentils and hand-picked Forest Mushrooms by Mamma drizzled with Dill Sauce


I’m Alive

This is the SALAD of all salads!

Fresh Greens, whole food Quinoa and Pea-tahini all tossed together with toasted Pine Nuts, smokey Corn on the Cob & Pitta Bread




Layers of love(ly) Chickpea Sauce & Baby Potatoes with Coco Rice & Pitta Bread 

Icons_GFA HP

| low on CHILLIES –

but you can always spice me up! |


The only KIND on the rock!

Made from Soya served with Baby Potatoes, Trio of Salads

& a choice of Garlic NO Mayo, Dill Sauce or NO Tzatziki

Icons_GF HP

Marinated overnight in our Secret Recipe, baked slowly and crowned with Crunchy Oyster Mushrooms on a Pea-tahini bed with fresh Cherry Tomato gems and toasted Pine Nuts 

Icons_GF HP

NO bacon Cheeseburger

Probably THE BEST vegan burger on the planet! 

Served with beer coated Onion Rings and Loaded Fries



Only for Greek


Glorious Seitan Doner
BB’s Special Salad, 
NO Tzatziki served in massive Pitta Bread with a side of Loaded Fries


NO Chicken Burger

Dare to taste the


Served with Soya Homemade NO Schnitzel & Loaded Fries

Icons_GFA HP

KIDS Corner

Crunchy NO Nuggets

6 pieces of NO Nuggets served with Fries & Ketchup

Kids burger

Plain Burger with plant-based Patty & Ketchup served with Fries & Ketchup

can’t get enough?

Loaded Fries

Regular or Sweet Potato (extra charge)


Trio Of Salads

Sesame Carrots, Red Slaw & Greens


Pea-Tahini Dip
& Crunchy Nachos


Crispy Baby Potatoes 

served with Dill & NO Tzatziki  Sauce

dips & Sauces



Garlic NO Mayo

Soft NO Cheese

Basil Pesto

Pea Tahini

 NO Tzatziki 

Dill Sauce 

Wakey, Wakey... time for breaky!

Available Saturday & Sunday 10:00AM-12:00PM ONLY
Island NO Toona

Get ready to be transported to the tropics

with warm and crispy Ftira slices bursting with our secret NO Toona recipe, refreshing Cucumber, Tart Sauce Dressing
and garnished with Crispy Onions & fresh Dill.

Smokin’ NO Sausage Grilled Wrap
Satisfy your cravings with the wrap filled with marinated baked Tofu, savoury NO Sausage, golden Sweet Potato and fresh Spinach leaves, wrapped in a smoky Sauce & Tangy Dressing.

Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats

Wake up to a decadent breakfast of silky Chocolate Oats soaked in Soya Milk, topped with Banana slices, shredded Coconut, Chia and roasted & toasted Seeds.

Blueberry Bliss Bowl

Indulge in the heavenly blend of juicy Blueberries and creamy Banana, topped with luscious Coconut Milk and showered with sliced Bananas, chilled blueberries, Seeds & crunchy Walnuts.

Lunch Munch

Feed your hunger, fuel your day!

Available Monday-Friday
12:00-15:00PM ONLY

Create different
LUNCH MUNCH each time

Choose your BASE, PROTEIN & 2 SAUCES
Available to:

Eat in

take outs


Price Plan

Thank you for showing interest in our meal plan 🌱Our meal plan is 100% plant based and gluten free (with the option of having wholemeal bread if you are not gluten intolerant). The food is freshly made every day. Every meal consists of freshly squeezed Juice or smoothie (250ml) + Lunch (250g-350g per portion) + Dinner (400g-500g per portion) and a Snack.


We publish the weekly menu every Friday or Saturday morning (please follow us on social media for current updates).


Food is delivered from Monday to Friday between 11:00am and 13:30pm.

Prices are as follows:

Weekly cost €85 pick up
Weekly cost €100 inc. delivery within 5km
Weekly cost €120 inc. delivery over 5km

Monthly cost €300 pick up
Monthly cost €350 inc. delivery within 5km
Monthly cost €420 inc. delivery over 5km

One Month = 4 weeks.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.