Our Signature Burgers

All Burgers are dressed with lettuce, tomato, gherkins and onion and come with wholemeal bun.

Served with side of Nachos.

Add hand-made sweet potato chips (GF) or hand cut potato chips (GF) for only €3.95

Burgers-Sensational Stacks

Beyond Madness with Tomato Dip (GFA) *


Add gluten free bun for only €1.50

Everyone’s gone bonkers about this burger…so we have jumped on the band wagon and created our own masterpiece, boasting 36g of protein. This burger comes with crispy BB bakon finished with cheeze, tomato sauce and topped with Beyond sausage. Get your Beyond fixed here!

Mushroom Extravaganza (GFA)


Add Gluten Free bun for only €1.50

Portobello mushroom dancing in a mixture tamari sauce and carefully coated and fried. Topped up with sautéd mushrooms and onions for extra mushroom kick! Mixed in with homemade basil pesto. Finished with a helping of our handcrafted white spread cheeze.

Classic Delish  with Zingy Mayo Dip (GFA)


Add Gluten Free bun for only €1.50

Who needs meat! Made with soya protein chunks seasoned in our secret recipe, coated and fried. Finished with avocados and our homemade zingy mayo. A burger made to die for!



Choose from our homemade: pesto, beet hummus, tahini, cheeze, tomato sauce, red chilli sauce and zingy mayo.

 All items may contain traces of  Nuts.

All items subject to availability.

GF – gluten free   GFA – gluten free available