Plant Based and Gluten Free Meal Plan delivered to your door!

’ You don’t have to eat less-You just have to eat RIGHT ‘’ 🌱 Our Meal Plan will provide you with Low Glycemic index & high in fibre meals and snacks which are carefully prepered to allow the body to burn energy slower. 💪🏼 Feeling fuller for longer, feeling less fatigue with more get up…

Our glorious Classic Delish

Our Classic Delish in all its glory! 😍 Available every day at the restaurant, on Bolt Food, Wolt or on Time to Eat 🌱😋

Great News! We are now open for indoor dining!

Just to give you a peace of mind, we are now Covid Compliant and ready to welcome you back in our homely plant based kitchen🌱😍❤️Things are not as same as two months ago, but we haven’t changed! See you soon 😘

Our Meal Plans are back! :-)

Whether you’re a long-time vegan with zero time to grocery shop 🛒 or curious about eating more plants 🌱 but don’t know where to start, you’re in LUCK🍀 Balance Bowl GLUTEN FREE Meal plans start June 1st 🤸‍♂️ Give your immune system a boost with fresh vitamin-rich fruits, vegetables, legumes and natural carbohydrates. Protein-packed, plant-based meals…

We are closed for a week!

Friends! ❤️ We are taking a break to recharge our batteries. We’ll be back on 18th May! 😘

Friends! We are posting this to raise awareness and encourage you to support our friends in the Duck Village in Gzira. Especially if you live locally. There are ducks, geese, guinea pigs and rabbits and they love lettuce, cabbage and apples! You can also find a good value cat food in pet shops. 🐔🦆🐥🐈🥬🥒🍎🍏🥦🥕🍅 Since…

Meal Plans :-)

It’s been 4 weeks since we have launched our new project of meal plans, delivering to your doorsteps. Your amazing feedback encouraged us to continue this new journey and create more delicious dishes for upcoming weeks 😍😍😍. How it works? Simply call us on 27320556 or message us on Facebook to order the meal plan….

Meal Plan Week 4!

We’ve hit our fourth week of innovative gluten free Meal Plans! 😍🌱Inspired by our upbringing and our travels, we are bringing you flavours from around the world 🌍. Here is our menu for next week. Don’t miss out! 🤗