Who We Are

Balance Bowl was founded in 2018.

          Balance Bowl eatery is a healthy home made food alternative with a friendly atmosphere, run by a trio of passionate and ethical individuals. We treat Balance Bowl like our home and we invite you to our eatery, so you can try our exciting new menu, whilst enjoying the relaxing, but upbeat environment. We have a “social mezz”, where you can surf the internet to your heart content, relax, read or study.

Balance Bowl offers home made, healthy, affordable vegan meals including unlimited nutrition bar containing salads, grains and pasta in a prime location of the Island of Malta. Our concept will satisfy the needs of a balanced diet of our guests.

          As a company we believe that Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. We understand that the world has fallen into eating habits that is causing temptation from dark world of refined foods. Sooooo we want to put a flavoured twist in what we do that will make you feel great for the right reasons.

         We are super proud to support small local businesses and use fresh produce purchased from local farmers.