About Us

At balance bowl we pride ourselves for the high quality food and service we strive to provide our customers. The feedback we receive is wonderful and suggests that those who eat with us, stick with us.

We thank our loyal customers for choosing a plant-based meal and in the process help save animal lives.

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Our Journey

The Dream

We had a dream one day to change the world one vegan meal at a time. When each day someone decides to have a plant-based meal instead, we save animal lives.


We know that animals deserve a better life  –They feel as humans do. Caring for our beautiful but fragile planet is top of our priority list.

Choosing a country like Malta at the time, with not even one vegan restaurant was very exciting but also seriously scary for us. We made a brave choice, and haven’t looked back since.


The quest began in September 2018 in Gzira. Balance Bowl was born and now we wish to expand and make Balance Bowl the next big vegan food chain that holds no hidden agenda. If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch!


Meet 'The Vegan Charlie's Angels'
Filiz, Basia and Ewik

Our history

Collectively, we have 40 years experience working in catering and the pharma world. Although our past ventures taught us valuable skills that we use today, we felt very unfulfilled in our lives as work took up a huge part of our day to day. Money was no longer the driving force. This was a pivotal moment in our lives and we were making regular trips to Malta for several years and fell in love with the majestic island life. We quickly realised there were very little plant-based options. We took a big risk but looking back now, it was all worth it. Especially, due to the support of our community and friends, we are so grateful.

Ewelina – A.K.A Ewik


Founder & Director of Balance Bowl, Ewelina strongly believes that food is our fuel and what we eat doesn’t have to be a sacrifice if you want to improve your mental and physical performance. Suffering herself from autoimmune disease, she wanted to create a menu suitable for everyone under the plant-based model.


With Msc in Food Science, Ewik has the background to find an honest balance between flavour and nutrition. She has travelled the globe and uses her experience and pallet of flavours in our kitchen. And, as a proud ambassador for 4oceans Ewelina also advocates to remove trash from our oceans.

Basia has been part of the Balance Bowl vision and creation since day one. We’ve never met anyone yet that performs Reiki on our food whilst cooking like she does. The good energy and vibes is truly felt in every bite. Now a qualified spiritual counsellor, life coach & holistic healer Basia is following her calling and will divide her way and we will miss her very much. 
If you wish to follow Basia’s new path, click here to see her website and claim your exclusive 20% discount by entering “Balance Bowl” when booking therapy sessions. You can also follow her “Soul Boost Podcast”, which can be found on Anchor or Spotify

Barbara Blaszak – A.K.A Basia


Filiz Huseyin – A.K.A Fil


Hospitality is in my blood! With Turkish Cypriot roots and a proud born and bred Brit – some say I’m the ‘Mamma’ here! Crazy about soul food, especially the naughty kind that gets the heads turning of our non-vegan friends – I believe that Veganism is the future. Veganism is hope for our planet.

All that’s left to be said is… Swing by our place, even just for a chat or a hug. Everyone is welcome at Balance Bowl but please remember there is zero tolerance to racism, homophobia and speciesism. I’m an ambassador for one tree planted and my beloved LGBTQ + Community.

The Balance Bowl Experience

Our place has a chill out area upstairs arranged just for relaxing. You can book workshops, meetings and family get togethers, while enjoying the boasting Artwork by our local artists Cooker and Martha Sea.


If you prefer a traditional dining experience, we have table service downstairs. We hold an alcohol licence which means you can enjoy a cheeky beverage with your meal.


We offer a range of homemade vegan meals for dining in, pick up or takeaway. Our Meal Plan offers something new each week and made fresh daily and can be delivered to your door. Get in touch for more information!

Local charities we support

Supporting our local charities and leading the way as ambassadors brings great joy and purpose to our lives. Here are some of the people and groups that work tirelessly that could use your help!


100% profits from our eco shop is donated to our nominated charities below! Next time you pay us a visit, simply pick up an eco bag or pen and all proceeds will go to charity.


Price Plan

Thank you for showing interest in our meal plan 🌱Our meal plan is 100% plant based and gluten free (with the option of having wholemeal bread if you are not gluten intolerant). The food is freshly made every day. Every meal consists of freshly squeezed Juice or smoothie (250ml) + Lunch (250g-350g per portion) + Dinner (400g-500g per portion) and a Snack.


We publish the weekly menu every Friday or Saturday morning (please follow us on social media for current updates).


Food is delivered from Monday to Friday between 11:00am and 13:30pm.

Prices are as follows:

Weekly cost €85 pick up
Weekly cost €100 inc. delivery within 5km
Weekly cost €120 inc. delivery over 5km

Monthly cost €300 pick up
Monthly cost €350 inc. delivery within 5km
Monthly cost €420 inc. delivery over 5km

One Month = 4 weeks.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.