Balance Bowl is a fusion of plant-based dining experience & unique vibes. It’s the only fully vegan restaurant in Malta!
We invite you to indulge in every authentic bite from the menu, inspired by our experiences, love for food & travels. 








12:00 – 22:00

12:00 – 22:00

12:00 – 22:00

12:00 – 22:00

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12:00 – 23:00

12:00 – 22:00

A short message from the co-founders

Balance Bowl restaurant offers an array of delicious homemade vegan food, desserts and beverages.


“We welcome you to enjoy our friendly atmosphere and innovative food run by a trio of passionate and ethical individuals. Our top priority is to make sure that everybody is safe, happy, and loved in our eatery. Let’s create beautiful memories together. Thank you, friends!”

Choose and order from a range of delicious plant-based meals!

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There are super comfy seating upstairs that can be utilised as single or group workspace and meeting areas. Contact us for booking and special prices on food and beverages!


Balance Bowl offers a customer loyalty program for customers who make a frequent purchase. Pick up your card on your next visit and earn delicious rewards.

A trip down memory lane...

Subject to availability and depending on early notices, we’re offering some items from our old menu as part of our catering service so you don’t have to miss out on your favourite dishes. With individual catering parties we are flexible and normally create a new menu based on your budget or preferences.

Gluten free hot dog
Classic delish
Bellos salad
"Beyond" belief
Syrian falafel wrap
Family platter
Falafel salad
Peanutbutter cupcake
Carrot cake

Our hearty meal plans are centred around
healthy living & plant-based dishes you’ll absolutely love.

Meet the Balance Bowl family...

Food fanatic and earth princess who loves to take care of the animals and the planet, but biggest passion is to see Balance Bowl customers thrive while enjoying a wonderful food experience.
Marta is our restaurant manager and has love for nature, design and good food. A woman with countless skills, she enjoys puzzles, runs her own garden and enjoys superhero movies.
A fierce passion for preparing miracles behind the scene, this bird likes to chill and indulge in Netflix when she's not being a superhero in the kitchen.
New to the scene, we welcome Upendra to the Balance bowl family. He is a breath of fresh air and wonderful in the kitchen and customer orientated.

Join our meal plan today!

Are you short on time to cook nutritious meals? Or, trying to diet or stay fit and energetic without it consuming too much of your valuable time?


With every plan the calories and macros are controlled, promising you healthy ready to eat meals delivered to your door or picked up to save cost. We offer a plant based menu with ingredients free from refined sugar and gluten.

We use only the freshest fruits and veggies sourced from local, sustainable & ethical suppliers whenever we can.


Our meal plans are prepared the same day so that it’s fresh. But it’s not just the food & drink that make us unique, it’s the attention to detail, the presentation and the service you’ll receive from Balance Bowl Meal Plans that sets us apart from the rest.

All catering & meal plans are 100% vegan...


Organising a party

At Balance Bowl we know the importance of enjoying a cosy gathering, where friends and family can come in and enjoy delicious vegan food in a cosy environment.


Celebrate a birthday, graduation, promotion or any engagement, all carefully planned and prepared in-line with new regulations where you can safely have a great time.

Catering services

Balance Bowl eatery offers an array of delicious homemade vegan food, desserts and beverages that can be arranged for up to 30 people.

Whether it’s a work related event, or a more specialised venue, we plan, prepare, cook and deliver as a bundle package. Be sure to get into touch two weeks in advance to ensure availability.